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Our Story

The inspiration for "A Celebration of Stuffed Animals " originated from a simple idea. It all began when I inherited my mother's cherished "Budgie Bear," prompting me to ponder the significance of stuffed animals within my own family. Remarkably, these soft companions have continued to serve as sources of comfort and connection throughout our adult lives.


In our family, it's not uncommon to find stuffed animals adorning the beds and bedrooms of my grown siblings. My mother, who passed away at the age of 90, kept her Budgie Bear in her room until she passed away. She received this beloved companion as a gift when she was just 13 years old. This enduring bond with stuffed animals has been a distinctive aspect of our family's history, a tradition passed down through generations.


Yet, what struck me is that beyond our family, there is a remarkable silence surrounding people's relationships with their stuffed animals. Rarely, if ever, do individuals openly discuss these precious possessions.


Now, I invite you to be part of this unique exhibition. It's a chance for you to proudly introduce your own stuffed animal to the world. By submitting a photo of your cherished companion along with its name, you can participate in the digital portrait gallery featured on this website.


Additionally, I will announce in-person exhibitions on this website, using the photographs provided by you here in a continued celebration of their enduring significance. This exhibition is a testament to the long-lasting impact of these beloved plush friends on our lives.


H. Scott Pitt Exhibit Curator




H. Scott Pitt has over 30 years of experience in designing his solo art exhibitions. Scott has produced and promoted A Celebration of Stuffed Animals exhibition. He hopes to continue his work with this project and plans to extend it to encompass events in multiple communities. 

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