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Terms and Conditions of Submission

By contributing a photograph to "A Pictorial Celebration of Our Stuffed Animals," you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions:

Ownership and Authenticity:

The submitted photograph must be your original work or the work of someone for whom you have the authority to act as an agent.


File Format:

Accepted file formats for submission are .jpg and .png.


File Size:

Each submitted image should not exceed a size of whatever you think is appropriate


Copyright Compliance:

Your photograph must not contain any copyrighted material, unless you hold the rights to such material as the photographer.



The submitted photograph must not contain any malicious code or harmful elements that could compromise the security of our platform or users.


Content Standards:

Submitted photos should adhere to generally accepted standards of morality and intent. The curator retains the right to decline any photo that does not meet these standards.


Ownership and Usage Rights:

You maintain full ownership and copyright of your submitted photograph.

By submitting your photograph, you grant "A Celebration of Stuffed Animals" the permission to utilize and showcase your photograph, including but not limited to, displaying it on the "A Celebration of Stuffed Animals" website, in galleries, for donation or fundraising purposes, and on social media platforms.


Unauthorized Copying:

Please be aware that "A Celebration of Stuffed Animals" cannot guarantee that your photograph will not be copied or used by unauthorized individuals or groups.


Removal or Denial:

"A Celebration of Stuffed Animals reserves the right to refuse or remove your submitted photograph at any given time, without prior notice or explanation.


By submitting your photograph, you indicate your consent to abide by these terms and conditions. Please ensure that you have read and understood these terms before contributing your photograph to our celebration of stuffed animals.


If you want your photo removed from A Celebration of Stuffed Animals, you must make a request HERE and allow five business days for its removal. (Make the HERE a hyperlink to my email

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